Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've Been Monkeying Around

I thought I would share what I have been monkeying around with!
I made a bed and childs chair to go with my "It's a Jungle Out There" bookcase!
I just love orangeutans and chimps! I am hoping that some lucky child gets a chance to enjoy this furniture!
As you have heard by now, the open house is coming up quickly and the showroom is full!
I wish you could all be there for the Open House.
I will post pictures of the event!


  1. absolutely adorable! Get some pictures of YOU at the open house also...take Mike along and give him "photographer" directions. Also, call the FJS tandard and have them attend the event and write a piece for the paper. hugs from your STILL SICK friend, laurie b.

  2. Gorgeous work Denise!! So talented!!

  3. Wow, these are amazing, what a great artist you are :0)