Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I entered a contest and you can help me win!!

This was my entry!
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I entered a contest and I would love for you to vote for me and help me win!!

The rules were that we could create anything we wanted as long as we incorporated this beautiful image called "Beauty's Lot" published in London sometime between 1760 and 1810. The inscription at the bottom is in French. The image "Beauty's Lot" shown above was to be incorporated in to an "original" piece of art work done by the artist and owned by the artist. We could incorporate it any way that we wanted whether we transfered, scraped, painted or whatever into our oun piece of work. The art can be any size and medium.I did an acrylic painting. I wish that we were able to click on each entry to enlarge them and see what medium they picked to do theirs in. But I am putting mine on here!
Thanks for your vote!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A face only a mother could love!

A face only a mother could love! When I was recently at my friends mom's house, they had a surprise. After laying 10 eggs, that never grew, her cockatiels had two new babies! They were so interesting to look at. Thought I would share this unusual sight! It was interesting to see that both the mom and dad took care of them. Very cool stuff!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last Sick Blog

Ok. My sister has just called and said That was Sick and Twisted!! (my last post)
Just to assure everyone, I am not really a weirdo. I do however have kind of a strange sense of humor!. Hope that wasn't offensive to anyone:)

My Famous Ending

Let me just start by saying that I have not blogged for a long time. My life lately has been hectic, caotic and basically a real roller coaster. But after spending time with a very close friend in the hospital yesturday, of course, I was reminded how grateful I should be and am that I am basically healthy and have a blessed life.
Another friend called last night to tell me about a project that was coming up that I may be interested in. It is a large project where I would be able to paint a series or at least one mural for a town that sounded very exciting. I want to do some research on this and make it happen. I was sharing this with a friend (boy, I do have friends :) ).She told me that even if I didn't "make the cut" for the painting of the murals that I could always be a part by getting coffee or cleaning up after the artists. I was thinking what is wrong with me and why wouldn't I be considered for the "making it group" when I started talking with my sister Chris, as we were talking I decided that one day I would be rich and famous. (This is my positive spin :))Of course, that day would be when I was dead! That is when most people get famous right??
People would one day read about me in their Art History classes and learn how very tragic my ending was. This makes you even MORE famous I believe! I can't do the ear cutting off thing. I must be unique in this. I think I will be found in the corner of my art studio, dead from chewing off my own arm!. Of course, it would have happened years before my body was found, as having all guys in my house, no one will notice! My faithful dog would be at my side. He would have not lost much weight as he would have found my chocolate stash and sparingly ate that.
People, in going over my personal belongings would then take notice of how my drawings were really nice and yes, maybe they should have bought some. Oh, that painting is good. Maybe the pantry was NOT the place to hang it that the mice really didn't get frightened from it!
And that yes, in fact, I WAS good enough to be in the mural painting catagory!
Have a wonderful and thanks for reading! :)
P.S. I'm really not a meat eater, so I may have to alter the death ending. I'll keep thinking.