Sunday, November 9, 2008

I can't breathe and it's not even me!

I did a web site for a friend of mine. (, I received some pictures of the blizzard that hit her yesturday. She lives in Alliance, Nebraska.

I felt as if I couldn't even breathe just looking at the pictures of her house! She says that they had only a 12" space under the outside overhang and had to crawl out onto the top of the snow drift.! That is what is shown in the first picture. The second picture is what they saw out of the upstairs window! This is where I couldn't breathe!

They then made the hole wider, and she cut steps into the hard packed drift. Her husband brought the feedlot payloader and started breaking apart the drifts.
In the third picture, can you see the cars?
The fourth picture is their house! yes, it is in there somewhere! I would have just waited for summer to arrive!

They did have food, but no water for flushing the toilet and no electricity, which means no heat!
In the fifth picture, you can see the amount of snow that was on the truck. They plowed around it first so you could see how deep it really was!
I think this is amazing!

She said she is thankful that they don't have many 60 mph blizzards!
I was just wondering, how do you let the dogs out in that??


  1. Oh my word!! This is unbelievable Denise, wow! I hope they're doing ok and have all the essentials back on VERY soon!

  2. Holy cow! At first I shuddered at the foreign white stuff. After moving from MN to OR 6 years ago I realized I still get snophobia when I look at pictures like that. LOL

    Then I saw the truck. Is that a truck? The one with the big white "topper."

    Lemon merengue truck.

    Gee, I don't think I miss snow yet...

  3. Yes, that is a truck! I talked to her yesturday and I asked about how she let the dogs out. She told me that before it got too too snowy,her husband crawled out of the dog door once. Then they all were trapped inside! It really made me nervous just looking at the pictures. I am at that point in my life where I am sick of snow too. I hate being cold! But, I don't like seeing myself in a swim suit either! Oh, the problems that I have! tee hee

  4. Amazing post dee! Well, unfortunately I can relate. We're coming up on the second anniversary of the Blizzard that Rocked the World on December 1, 2006. I plan on posting a slideshow of the pictures along with our story. We didn't have our dog yet so I don't know about that one but our poor cats huddled in the living room covered in bankets. I believe I have a photo which I'll share. It was a dangerous week but we are better for it (I tell myself)....With gratitude, Laurie b.
    PS> I was up in the middle of the night and all day today with stomach flu!! Finally called Joe and asked him to come home. I've never done that before!