Thursday, July 24, 2008

Networking with my old classmates!

The class reunion was great! Why or why did I worry so much? Anyway, we all had a fabulous time and are already planning for the next one, five years down the line! While talking to my old classmates, I had a great opportunity to network with them. (I wasn't really thinking of it that way at the time) but that's what I was doing. I found out a classmate of mine is renovating an old historic home on the Ohio River. He wants me to make at least 16 stained glass windows for his home! What a thrill that is! We will be beginning the project very soon. We are now in the discussion stage of what he is looking for. He has many ideas right now and it is up to me to make it all come together!I will begin with some photos of his home and rooms that the windows will be going into. He wants at least 10 transoms made. I will sketch out some ideas and give some samples of some glass that I have in mind. I am very excited and anxious to get going on this. I will keep you all posted on the progress of the projects.

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  1. Congrats on such a huge commission!!! It's wonderful! Wishing you great success! With gratitude, Laurie B.