Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Celebration! We went to my brothers house (the taxidermist) and had some wild boar which he bow hunted! We played a new board game, listened to some tunes, had some laughs and the big partier that I am was home and asleep by 10:00! The party continued, but me...zzzzzzzzzzz. The picture above was done by me. It is an elk that my brother mounted and I extracted it from my photo and then placed it on a close up of the New Years Tree that my brother had decorated really nicely for the party. Very Festive.
We had to get up early the next day to travel to my friend Lauries house. We were suppose to go there over Christmas, but because of the rotten weather, we haven't been able to go before now.
Its always fun to visit Laurie and her family. We got to stay in the guest bedroom, which really is all set up for Matt and his wife Maureens visits. It is to be kept "fur free". So my one and only job was to keep the cats and dog out of the room. Now I know she has one dog, but the number of cats changes and since I'm not so much a cat person, it is hard for me to tell who is who...
We went to bed fine and dandy, but I am one of those wander through the night people. I went to the bathroom, came back, went back to sleep and I hear this noise. I didn't pay too much attention until I had a cat jump on me in the middle of the night. Obviously, I had left the door open. I checked no..but maybe this cat came in while I was out for a brief moment.
So, I try to catch this cat. It goes under the bed. I reach for it, it reaches for me, I reach for it etc. I was not able to get her. I grab my husbands t-shirt to, I don't know what... swat it out from under the bed. The cat thinks I'm playing. I really don't know WHAT I'm doing, since I know nothing about cats. All I know is they are not suppose to be in there.
I gave up and went back to bed, hoping that 33 years of a friendship will be enough for Laurie to forgive me for letting the cat get in.
I fell back to sleep and it wasn't long before I hear scratching at the door. It's the cat wanting out. Oh good! I get up, the cat runs away from the door. I open the door in hopes that she will see the open door and run out. Just my luck another cat runs in! OMG! I turn on the bedroom light and try to collect these cats. My husband is a bit annoyed and says "Can we do this in the MORNING!" I explain WHY I can't wait until morning. He gives up and rolls over.
I get the cats out the door and look in the connecting room. Something like 15 more cats were waiting on the back of a chaise lounge chair ready to leap into the bedroom!
I am now trapped in the bedroom the rest of the night because I know there is no way I can escape the pack of cats waiting to rush me.
When I finally came down in the morning, I tell Laurie my story. She laughs and says, "Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you that they would do that."
Yep, you forgot to tell me that!


  1. OMG I'm laughing hysterically! I'm linking this to my post about my HERBS sign tomorrow! This is hilarious Dee! And NO, not 15 cats, FIVE but you only saw four because LEROY was still hiding....I told Joe about it tonight and he also laughed! So, with Leroy, who counts for 3 cats since he's a male Maine Coon I guess you could say I have 8....Great story and yep folks..IT IS ALLLLL True!

  2. Oh, and it's Madison, Prudence, Patience, Zoe, and Leroy...cats....and I can send you a photo guide! LOL