Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Gallery at 9 East Coffee House

A few days ago I received a phone call from Brenda Myers from 9 East Coffee House. It is a wonderful coffee house in downtown Freeport, Il. She offered me the opportunity to show some of my work in her gallery area. How fun is that! The gallery gets changed every month, so you will have a chance to view a lot of artists work.

I had never been into 9 East. I did not realize what I was missing out on! 9 East offers not only coffee and other beverages but wonderful food of all types. While I was in there a lot of people came in to enjoy their morning coffees and snacks. It was a real friendly place and I recommend anyone to give it a try.

While I was there I met Steve! He goes in there often to read his morning paper. So, I thought I'd snap a picture of him to share. Hi Steve! He said he would check out my blog. So, if you have a few minutes and want to come in and check out some of my work or need some refreshments come on by 9 East Coffee!


  1. Congratulations Denise, what wonderful news!

    I wanted to let you know I haven't been able to leave a comment on your blog for ages. Something about my browser wasn't allowing me to. I kept thinking I was leaving them and then would go back and see they weren't there. My hubby finally fixed it tonight so I dashed over to leave you this.

    Looking forward to keeping up on your happenings more and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

    All the best ~ Sharon

  2. totally awesome! Woohoo! Hi Steve from another fellow Freeporter! Stay warm! With gratitude, laurie Beggin

  3. Thanks Sharon and Laurie for keeping up with me!
    I have been wondering where you were Sharon, but glad to hear from you and that your computer is now fixed! Hope you both are well and will keep checking in with you both as well.

  4. Oh, how exciting! Your work is truly beautiful-- I wish I were closer so I could stop by! :)

  5. Steve is always available at 9 East Coffee for your listening enjoyment. He has opinions on everything...and you don't even have to ask for them!

    PS Brenda Myers is dangerous!

  6. Hi, Denise, This is the first time I've looked at your site! My loss! Enjoyed the family photos--looks like you guys are getting around.

    Congrats on the show you had a 9E Coffee. I always liked that place.

    Have a great day. It's rainy in Decatur.
    Sherry (Laurie's mom)