Monday, August 25, 2008

Time Out Chairs Ain't What They Use To Be!!

Just thought I would share a new mosaic "Time Out" chair that I made for a client.
This is made out of very solid oak with some vintage china, with a black grout.
I think I would have loved to have been in "Time Out" with this fun stool!
I am also finishing up another fun project and hope to get it on here in a day or two.
I just love it when I get something accomlished! :)
Hope your day was a happy one!


  1. Oh this is just gorgeous Denise!! Really fabulous - you're SO talented!

  2. Nice! Did you get the china pieces used? Online? Cool piece Dee. Just finished my window! Happy creating, Laurie

  3. Your work is breathtaking and inspiring! Please visit my blog to receive the award I gave you. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Happy creating with gratitude, Laurie B.

  4. Thanks for all of your sweet comments on this fun time out chair! It was fun to do.

  5. Laurie, In answer to your question about the china that I used, yes, it was used china. I got it from a collection of old china that was broken. I just broke it a bit more! :)