Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Hen and her chicks!

Just finished my newest mosaic of A Hen and her chicks! It is hard to tell in this picture, but the window frame is done in a dark wine color. This was a really fun project. The stained glass pieces are appliqued on the reclaimed window then grouted in a black color. I also painted the eyes on the hen and chicks since it is very hard to make a great eye that small from pieces of glass. I plan to put this on my Etsy shop, hopefully tomorrow.
Hope your Labor Day Weekend is a nice one!


  1. Hi..

    Both pictures are looks very beautiful and colour combination is very nice. You are very hard working. Best of luck for your future.



  2. Wow, this is really gorgeous Denise! You're work if fabulous!!

  3. hi denise....i just noticed your comment and i would be happy to add you to my blog....thanks !!!

    many hugs,


  4. I love the hens - wonderful work!

    Denise I somehow missed your post about joining the Give Creativity Wings to Fly Project and have added you name. Sorry about that oversight!
    You will get an Email from me when your turn is up.

    All the best...

  5. Hi Lady,
    Love your new piece of art. You do such nice work and I'm glad to see that you keep on keepen on.

  6. Hi Denise, Please visit my blog when you have the time for an award I left you. Thanks ~ Sharon

  7. Denise, this is just beautiful. :o)