Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scarey Goth Girl

On my recent trip to Oklahoma to visit my sister, her husband and my niece for the occasion of my nieces 9th birthday, we got a chance to plan for Halloween. My niece wanted to be a goth girl.

Oh my! I suggested maybe a fairy princess, ballerina, poohs honey pot, etc. But, she had her mind set on this way to grown up theme. She will always be my baby and therefore, never grow up. I have my mind stuck on this! Even though she is as tall as me and wears larger shoes! UGH!

We had such a wonderful time shopping for clothes, make-up and accessories! My sister, who USE to be a bit wild herself, REALLY, wanted the stuff her self! (I can hear her screaming now, but, it's true! :) ). Anyway, I wanted to share a few pictures of our fun day.

When we got home, we did a practice run. I did her make up and we then surprised her mom and dad with the "Scarey Goth Girl"

Have Fun looking at these fun pics!


  1. Oh my!! Nine years old?? Yikes! I wouldn't have voted for the ballerina as well. ;-) You all did a wonderful job though and she's looks fabulous!

  2. I know! She looks sooo much older than 9. My baby! The really scarey thing was when she was showing her mom and dad what she looked like, she was doing all of these poses without anyone telling her what to do. Yikes!

  3. Yes, that's a big YIKES! I used to have a male version of that and the good news is they DO outgrow it! So keep the faith, just nerve raking while it's the "in" thing, ugh!

  4. Hey Denise, I though you could relate to this, my son decided to dress up Goth style, haha, ugh! The good news was he hated it, couldn't stand the makeup part (thank heavens)! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  5. I would love to see a picture of your sons Halloween outfit!
    Can you post it?

  6. Oh Denise you're such a sweetheart for asking. My son actually has his own blog (so cute). He posted pictures there. Here's the link:

    I just couldn't help letting you know as I thought of you immediately and our comments about your niece when I saw him. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!♥ ~ Sharon