Sunday, March 2, 2008

The painting I wanted to talk about today is an oil painting 2 ½’ x 3’. It is of my brother in law who is currently serving in the military and made two tours so far in Iraq. He is a very patriotic guy and loves his country. I wanted to do a special painting for him to show him that I appreciate all that he and his family has sacrificed for me. He really is a special. What he did in Iraq inspired the meaning behind this painting. He received the bronze star this last time there. When I asked what he did to receive it, all he has ever said was it was for a particularly loud day.
Of course being in the military, they have to wear “who yah” clothes over there to protect themselves. I saw a picture of him with this uniform on and wanted to use it in a painting. The children that are placed around him are not necessarily the children of Iraq although that is what it may appear to be. I meant it more as children of the world though. He loves kids. He is fighting for the freedoms of these children. I wanted it to represent more of what these kids will hope to have as a future because people like my brother in law have gone and do go over to Iraq and other places as well to fight for freedom.
My brother in law is proud of this country and I wanted to show him I was proud of him.
The green colors were used mostly because it went with his uniform, but if you want to get real artsy, I guess it could be for the growing and living feeling that green gives us.
I am not particularly deep, so that’s about as good as it gets!
I do know I love the guy and all he does for our country.

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